Men of Honor

Men of Honor is the name of the Destiny Men’s Ministry. It is designed to help every man get the basic foundation of what God has called him to do. We offer monthly empowerment services, six-week Bible studies, and a variety of activities to build their relationship with God and create strong friendships. Each year we host the Iron Man Men’s Conference with thousands in attendance. This is an event that has been growing each year  and changing mens lives from every walk of life to be a success.

A Note From Pastor Chad

It is the desire of my heart to provide you with resources and give you a point of contact to empower you to be the man God made you to be. I know from first- hand experience that men of honor are not born out of perfect circumstances but rather out of imperfect circumstance. They are men who simply choose to deal with what they are facing and not let it define them but instead choose to rise above it and win. I want to empower you to win in life in every area and to help you become the man God made you to be … a champion. 

My hope is that you will find encouragement and help thru this bi-weekly blog and also get connected to other resources that we have available for you.

I call you blessed,

Pastor Chad Rowe

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